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Thank You For Participating in Statewide Amateur Hockey of Florida Background Screening



SAHOF Screening Policy and Procedures

Please read all the information , The Screening process is at the bottom of the page. 

General. SAHOF has implemented a screening program in accordance with USA Hockey Policies. All volunteers or employees with access to youth participants within the SAHOF jurisdiction must consent to be screened in accordance with the adopted screening procedures of SAHOF.

Youth participants shall be defined as children (anyone under the age of majority). 

The SAHOF Screening Policy requires that all of the following persons be screened in accordance with this policy:

  1. Members of the SAHOF Board of Directors
  2. Member Association Administrators
  3. Coaches
  4. Team Managers
  5. Officials
  6. Locker Room Monitors
  7. Team Drivers
  8. Travel Chaperones
  9. Any other persons with routine access to youth participants.

For the purposes of this policy, Member Association Administrators shall include the Member Association’s Board of Directors, all support staff or employees and such other persons as the Board of Directors may designate from time to time with access to youth participants.

All officials must complete a background screening in accordance with the Southeastern District Officiating Program’s Screening Policy.

Deadlines. All volunteers or employees with access to children (anyone under the age of majority) within the jurisdiction of SAHOF shall complete the screening process prior to participating in any SAHOF and USA Hockey sanctioned event, including but not limited to all team activities and any other “on ice” or “off ice” hockey activities.

Disqualifying Events: A person may be disqualified and prohibited from serving as a volunteer/employee of USA Hockey, SAHOF, and in any of its programs if an adverse report is retuned based on the following criteria:

  • Been convicted (including crimes the record of which has been expunged and pleas of “no contest”) of:

  • Any felony (any crime punishable by confinement of greater that one year).

  • Any lesser crime involving force or threat of force against a person.

  • Any lesser crime of a sexual nature, or in which sexual relations is an element, or classified as a sex offense including but not limited to “victimless” crimes of a sexual nature such as prostitution, pornography, and indecent exposure.

  • Any lesser crime involving controlled substances (not paraphernalia or alcohol).

  • Any crime involving cruelty to animals.

  • Sex offender registrant.

  • Any lesser crime involving harm to a minor.

  • Been adjudged liable for civil penalties or damage involving sexual or physical abuse of children.

  • Been subject to any court order involving any sexual or physical abuse of a minor, including, but not limited to domestic order or protection.

  • Had their parental rights terminated.

  • Has history with another organization (volunteer, employment, etc.) or complaints of sexual or physical abuse of minors.

  • Resigned, been terminated or been asked to resign from a position, whether paid or unpaid, due to a complaint(s) of sexual or physical abuse of minors.

  • Has a history of other behavior that indicates they may be a danger to children in the USA Hockey, SAHOF hockey program.

Any individual, who is subject to the provisions of this Screening Policy, will be summarily suspended if arraigned by a Municipal, State or Federal Court of Law on charges, which fall into the categories covered by the policy. The person shall remain suspended until the SAHOF Disciplinary/Dispute Resolution Committee, in accordance with the SAHOF Bylaws, convenes a hearing.

Screening Results and Appeal Procedure: Each screened individual within the jurisdiction of SAHOF will be advised in writing of any adverse information as a result of the screening process (Pre-Adverse Action Notice) and will be notified of any adverse decision by SAHOF (Adverse Action Notice). All notifications shall be in writing and shall be sent by certified mail. Individuals may appeal adverse decisions to the SAHOF Disciplinary/Dispute Resolution Committee. Such appeals must be filed within ten (10) days of receipt of notification of decision. For the purposes of the SAHOF Screening Policy, receipt of all notices shall be presumed to occur the third (3rd) calendar day after mailing of the notice by certified mail. If the adverse action is upheld by the SAHOF Disciplinary/Dispute Resolution Committee or upon the expiration of the appeal period if the adverse action is not appealed, SAHOF shall notify USA Hockey and the applicable member association that, pursuant to SAHOF’s Screening Policy, the individual does not meet the qualifications to participate in SAHOF or USA Hockey activities. No details of the nature of the disqualification will be disclosed except as otherwise required by law. Appeal decisions of the SAHOF Disciplinary/Dispute Resolution Committee shall be final and not subject to further appeal.

Confidentiality. Screens will be submitted to 3rd party screening provider and only potential issues will be forwarded to the SAHOF Disciplinary/Dispute Resolution Committee. Data is highly secure and encrypted.

Compliance. Each Member Association, volunteer or employee with access to youth participants within the jurisdiction of SAHOF shall comply with the SAHOF Screening Policy.

Procedures To Implement. Instructions and required screening must be performed on the SAHOF website, (see left hand side of website)  through the vendor chosen by SAHOF.  Leagues and Associations may still perform their own screening and use vendors as they have in the past, however, that process is supplemental to the mandatory SAHOF Screening Process. The Screening Committee may prepare and distribute additional rules and procedures to implement this policy.

Refusal to Be Screened. Any individual required to be screened who does not consent to be screened and complete the screening process as required shall not be allowed to participate in any SAHOF or USA Hockey sanctioned events, including but not limited to all team activities and any other “on ice” or “off ice” hockey activities.

Non-Compliance. Any Member Association and/or, volunteer or employee required to be screened within the jurisdiction of SAHOF not complying with the SAHOF Screening Policy will be referred to the SAHOF Disciplinary/Dispute Resolutions Committee for appropriate action.


USA Hockey's SafeSport Guidebook

For your reference

Screening Process

1. Click Below and Submit Screening Criteria

2. Screens will be submitted to 3rd party screening provider. Data is highly secure and encrypted.

3. SAHOF personnel will receive screening results and participants will be notified of pass or flag.


Doug Wemple


Phone: 407-916-2556


Q & A About new Screening Policy

SAHOF Screening Policy and Procedures


QUESTION:  Who does the screening mandate apply to?   

ANSWER:   It applies to all levels of hockey under USA Hockey, including all recreational, in-house, and travel programs. If the rinks were not screening their coaches at these levels before that was a violation under the old policy.

QUESTION:  Why are we implementing this screening process?   

ANSWER:  Due to the increased awareness of the necessity to attain clearances from USA Hockey participants in a uniform manner, the SAHOF Board of Directors revised the policies and procedures for background screenings. The State of Florida recently changed the law and specifically requires the “sanctioning authority” be responsible for administering and oversight of the screening process and the law also makes it a requirement to conduct an annual search under specific categories.  A uniform process is essential to insure compliance. See F.S. §943.0438.  Although USA Hockey has been discussing a possible national screening process for several years, apparently there are obstacles for that type of program.  USA Hockey has also adopted a new program called “Safesport” which encompasses background screening as part of its area of focus. Although we understand many programs have used their own vendors for years and that the price may be somewhat cheaper, we at SAHOF feel it is a small price to pay to ensure the safety of our youth participants.  Nevertheless, each SAHOF Member Association and rink are co-equally responsible to assure the screening takes place.


 All screening must be performed by SEPTEMBER  1, 2015. 

QUESTION: Will SAHOF use or see my Social Security Number?

ANSWER: No, only the vendor will have access to your Social Security Number. An applicant’s Social Security Number will not be released to SAHOF.


QUESTION: How long does it take to complete the online process?

ANSWER: Approximately 10 minutes. Be sure to have the SAHOF required information on hand before beginning your application.


QUESTION: How long does it take before I get my results back?

 ANSWER: The average turnaround time for processing and completing background screening is 2 – 3 business days. 


QUESTION: How will I know if I have been screened or when I need to be re-screened?

 ANSWER:  Everyone is screened every year to comply with Florida law.  

QUESTION: Who will monitor the list to verify compliance?

 ANSWER: A panel of SAHOF personnel in conjunction with the SAHOF SafeSport Coordinator and SAHOF registrar will monitor participants compliance based on USA Hockey registration data and roster submittals. The local association must monitor all other volunteers or individuals who do not register with USA Hockey such as, but not limited to, mentors, team managers and trainers.

 QUESTION: What if I do not complete a background screening?

 ANSWER: Noncompliance will disqualify an individual from participating in all USA Hockey youth programs.

 If you have specific questions not covered here regarding the process, please do not hesitate to contact Doug Wemple.